We orient students to the context in which Indian wisdom traditions exist.


We recognize the Vedic perspective that truth belongs to, nourishes and supports positive transformation in all individuals and communities. We aim to be a vehicle through which that truth can flow.  The artwork on this page reflects this.

This artwork by Satya Moses, commissioned by Satsangam, reflects various traditions and representations of truth that irrigate and nourish all beings. 


As a collaborative learning community of lifelong students, teachers, and practitioners of Ayurveda and other Indian wisdom traditions, whose lives have all been touched in profound and meaningful ways, we strive to honor the source and essence of this knowledge and maintain its integrity.

Revered 20th century Ayurvedic scholar and physician from Kerala, India, Vaidya Raghavan Thirumulpad taught that the integrity of śāstra (teaching) is maintained by adhering to the following four steps:

  • adhīti: perusal, study, absorption and recollection of the material
  • bodha: gaining and internalizing the knowledge
  • ācaraṇa: practicing the medicine and knowledge in our lives and with our patients
  • pracaraṇa: teaching the knowledge to others.

We aim to apply these practices ourselves, and to offer content and community to support others to do so.

We also aim to live up to the following values:

  • Support transforming knowledge and experience into living wisdom through the contemporary study and application of Indian wisdom traditions for the benefit of all beings.
  • All Satsangam LLC’s offerings are for educational purposes only. Satsangam LLC and its instructors do not prescribe anything, including diets, herbs, meditation practices, mantras, or spiritual practices. We share information or practices and our experience.
  • We welcome all. “All” includes all castes, races, genders, sexual orientation, ages, religious or non-religious individuals.
  • We operate as a horizontal rather than a vertical organization; we aim to be egalitarian rather than hierarchical, working in cooperation rather than competition.
  • We aim to bring together academic and clinical students and practitioners.
  • We value service as being essential to integration and fructification of knowledge and the realization of other values.
  • We strive to recognize the cultural orientation and relationship of Vedic subjects to each other.
  • We strive to value and practice a healthy balance between rest and activity, so we are committed to moderation in personal, organizational and professional life, and to supporting members of Satsangam LLC community to also take the time they require for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • We strive to acknowledge and honor the cultures and traditions from which the Vedic knowledge systems emerged, including the diverse cultures of India, in an ongoing effort to avoid cultural appropriation. For more about this, you can read this article.
  • We provide financial aid or scholarships to our programs to support equity.
  • We tithe at least 10% of all profits to charities or organizations chosen by Satsangam LLC partners (including but not limited to the organizations listed on the, “service” page of this website).