Hitāyu & Sukhāyu: Psychology of Wellbeing & Happiness


Dr. Mala Kapadia, Director, Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives, Anaadi Foundation, Palani, Tamil Nadu, Bharat joins Drs. Claudia Welch & Ramkumar--and the Vedic Threads community to discuss how the pandemic era has created, unveiled and exacerbated mental health concerns that persist. It has been a strong wake-up call to humanity. In the post-Covid, “new normal”, we are prompted to evaluate the strength of our health, happiness and immunity, and question how we are living and what indeed is and supports these things.

Vāstu Śāstra Introduction

Radhasharandas Rajesh Shinde ji will join Drs. Claudia Welch & Ramkumar and the Vedic Threads community to introduce us to India's ancient art of geomancy and help us consider how to apply some of this knowledge in our modern lives.

The Role Of Paramparā & Dṛṣṭi In Education

Join Drs. Anuradha Choudry, Ramkumar and Claudia in Vedic Threads to explore the role of paramparā (tradition) & dṛṣṭi (perspective, worldview, vision) in ancient vs. modern education, to consider what has been lost, and what we might wish to restore.

Interconnectedness of Indian Wisdom Traditions

Sivananda Ashram Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas

Join the Satsangam LLC team in beautiful Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Nassau, Bahamas, to explore the cultural, spiritual, philosophical, scientific and artistic context in which Indian wisdom traditions like yoga and Ayurveda exist. We will all be fed vegetarian food, have daily yoga classes, sessions with the Satsangam team and time in the ocean and sun, all in the harmonious environment of an ashram that welcomes all religions, faiths, and humans.

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