Orienting students to the context in which Indian wisdom traditions exist

Life Map

An introduction to a world view based on Indian knowledge systems, and a way to visualize our place in and through it

Vedic Threads

An introduction into, and exploration of the many rich concepts common to Indian knowledge traditions, and to life in general

Nava Rasa (9 Emotions)

Exploring the 9 Flavours of Consciousness. Learn more about the nava (9) fundamental rasas (emotions), according to Indian rasa theory.

Healing Sounds Retreat: Chanting, Kirtan & Vocal Rāga

Join Shantala Sriramaiah, Nina Rao, Dr. Shubham Kulkarni, Allison Dennis, Scott Blossom, Drs. Svoboda, Ramkumar, Claudia and special guests—including the entire Satsangam team– to discover or explore and immerse in the healing effects of sound through Vedic chanting, kirtan, vocal raga and resonant community in vaidyagrama–the Ayurveda eco-village in South India.