Vedic Threads: The Course

A twice-monthly exploration of concepts relevant to all Vedic subjects–and life in general–with a cross-disciplinary panel of practitioners

A Membership-Based Course Beginning 05 October, 2022.

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Certain concepts–like threads–are woven throughout the tapestries of each Vedic knowledge subject, adorning each and harmonizing each with the others.

There are hundreds of such shared concepts. Here’s a modest sampling:

  • the four stages of life (āśramas) we each have the potential to experience
  • the four aims of life (puruṣārtha) we each have the right to pursue
  • the four stages of learning every student should undertake in order to honor and mature their knowledge: 1. study (adhīti) 2. internalize (bodha), 3. practice (ācaraṇa); 4. teach (pracaraṇa)
  • teacher (guru)
  • the life force (prāṇa) vs. śakti
  • karma, and how this concept addresses fate vs. free will

In this course we intend to explore many of these shared concepts, and gain insight into how they are employed within various Vedic knowledge systems. For example, what does prāṇa and śakti mean within the context of Ayurveda vs. traditional dance or martial arts? How might a practitioner of Ayurveda vs. a practitioner of a traditional Indian spiritual path celebrating Goddess energy relate to the concept of śakti. Can rāga (desire, attachment) both cause and cure disease?

This kind of exploration can help deepen our understanding of our chosen subject, connect us to related subjects and sometimes have a glimpse into the Oneness behind the variety. For an introduction into the interconnectedness of Vedic knowledge systems, and why this is important scroll down on the Life Map page to see a video session with Drs. Ramkumar and Welch.

Course Facilitators

Claudia Welch

Schedule & Cost

Cost: 35 USD/month. If you are in need of a discount, please contact us and let us know what you can pay and we can work with you.


We intend to meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month for about 90 minutes starting at 7:30pm IST / 10:00am EDT / 7:00am PDT, unless there is a reason to move the schedule, such as in order to accommodate auspicious start times or schedules of facilitators or guest presenters. (Bear in mind, after Daylight Savings Time ends in the US and parts of Europe on Nov. 6, 2022, the meeting time will remain the same in the US and change in India: 8:30pm IST / 10:00am EST / 7:00am PST.) World Time Buddy helps with sorting out time zones, so you can figure out what time this would be for you. We plan to send emails with schedule reminders or changes. In general, there will be sessions introducing a concept–often with guest instructors, alternating with study group discussions. Drs. Ramkumar and Claudia both intend to be present at all sessions. Here is the schedule of upcoming sessions.

Session 1: Wednesday, 5 October, 6pm IST/ 1:30pm London / 8:30 am EDT / 5:30am PDT. Introduction into the interconnectedness of Vedic knowledge systems.

Session 2: Thursday, 20 October,  7:30pm IST/ 3:00pm London / 10:00am EDT/ 7:00am PDT. Introduction and group discussion of the concepts of prāṇa vs śakti. Both can be translated using similar terms, like “life force,” or “energy,” but they have distinct nuances.

Session 3: Friday, 04 November, 6:30pm IST/ 1:00pm London / 9am EDT/ 6am PDT. Discussion with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda and Carolina Prada on the role of prāṇa vs śakti in Ayurveda vs traditional Odissi dance and Kalaripayattu–a traditional martial arts form.

Session 4: Thursday, 17 November, 8:30pm IST/ 10:00 EST/ 7:00am PST. Group discussion on prāṇa vs śakti.

Session 5: Tuesday, 29 November; 8:30pm IST/ 10:00 EST/ 7:00am PST. Śakti, Śri Vidya & Ayurveda with Dr. Dr. T.S.Krishnakumar & Dr. Rishi Manivannan.

Session 6: Monday, 12 December; 8:30pm IST/ 10:00 EST/ 7:00am PST. Group discussion on śakti and śrī vidyā.

Session 7: Thursday 05 Jan 2023; 8:30pm IST/ 10:00 EST/ 7:00am PST. Rāga cikitsa: Music as therapy. Discussion with Dr. Shubham Kulkarni on the role of rāga (often translated as, “desire” or, “passion”) as both cause and cure of disease.

Session 8: Thursday 19 Jan 2023; 8:30pm IST/ 10:00 EST/ 7:00am PST. Group discussion on rāga.

Course Structure

We plan for this membership-based course to deliver two roughly 1.5 hour sessions each month, each relating to a “thread”–an idea or concept that runs through Vedic knowledge systems. For each concept or idea, we plan to:

  • Provide an overview of the concept or idea.
  • Engage in a conversation–or multiple conversations–with sincere practitioners or students of various Vedic knowledge systems, to explore what the given concept means within the context of those knowledge systems.
  • Allow time for questions, answers, discussion with class participants.
  • Record each session for those who cannot attend live.
  • Provide access to all previous Vedic Threads sessions for as long as you are a member of the course.

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This course is offered as a monthly membership at $35 USD per month.

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