Embodied Āyurveda and Yoga

A 200+ hour Course including Ayurveda, Yoga, Culinary Arts and Sanskrit
(Eligible for NAMA/PACE credits)

September 2023 through May 2024 

Save $300 when you register before August 1
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Why Embodied Āyurveda & Yoga?

This 9-month, experiential online course is designed to support your personal journey and practices of Ayurveda, yoga, and associated Vedic knowledge systems. It can also serve as a strong foundation for professional-level studies and application of Ayurveda.
The course features:

  • Pre-recorded online classes on the Foundations of Ayurveda (philosophy, anatomy and physiology, psychology, and intro to clinical treatment) and hatha yoga
  • Live online classes on Ayurvedic cooking arts and Sanskrit language
  • Weekly live online Integration Labs and Q&A sessions for further discussion and sharing with fellow students
  • Self-paced learning suitable for busy schedules
  • 6 core faculty with decades of experience studying and practicing these systems at the source, in India
  • Guest teachers specializing in complementary healing modalities, from Ayurvedic astrology (Jyotish) to Rolfing and more
  • Virtual community forum for questions, conversations, and sharing among students and teachers
  • Community support in building personalized daily routines, dietary suggestions, and other practices (as part of dinacharya) for life-long health and well-being
  • In-depth study appropriate for students new to Ayurveda and yoga, and those with previous experience
  • Access to video and printed materials for 6 months after class ends
  • Certificate of completion that can count toward NAMA/PACE continuing education credits and select programs for further studies in Ayurveda (contact us for more details)

Meet Your Teachers

Together, the EAY faculty has over 50 years of experience studying, teaching, and living the principles Āyurveda and Haṭha Yoga. As your guides during this transformative program, they will offer you real-time support in understanding and applying these practices to your daily life.

Dr. Robert

Dr. Claudia




Dr. Anuradha


Course Components

Foundations of Āyurveda

Studies in Prana

Kitchen Alchemy


Early bird discount of USD 300 by entering the discount code EAY300EARLY
valid till August 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Embodied Ayurveda and Yoga course begins every fall. In 2023 it begins September, you can register here.

9 months from the start date of the program.

You will have additional access to the recordings of the course materials for six months beyond the end date of the course.

Yes. Payment plans available. We offer the flexibility of a 9 month payment plan.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga, based on financial need. If you need assistance, kindly contact us with a paragraph describing your need, and what you could afford. Kindly submit your scholarship request by August 1st for review. We plan to be in touch with you about scholarship decisions by August 15th.

Yes. If you take and pass the quizzes.
At this time we are not pre-approved CEU providers for health care professions. However, you will have your certificate of completion, which will provide the title of the course, your name, and course hours. This may or may not be sufficient for the organization requiring your CEUs. We encourage you to contact your organization to determine what we could do to support you in getting CEU credits. If there is additional documentation that you need, we’d be happy to support you with this for a nominal fee. What that nominal fee would be, depends on the documentation you would need. Please contact our office if you have any questions about this.

If you’ve already paid for Foundations of Ayurveda Parts I or II though DrClaudiaWelch.com, we wholeheartedly welcome you to take them again with the live support and community that Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga include. We’ll give you a hefty discount–just subtracting an administration fee, so you are not paying again for what you’ve already paid for. Here’s info on the discounts you would receive:

If you have paid for both Foundations of Ayurveda (“FOA”), Parts I & II through DrClaudiaWelch.com, you would pay Satsangam only 108 USD for each part, giving you a discount of 1201 USD. Total tuition for Embodied Ayurveda would be 2549 USD.

If you have paid for either Foundations of Ayurveda (“FOA”), Part I or II through DrClaudiaWelch.com, you would pay the full tuition for the part you have not taken (755 USD), but would only pay $108 for the part you already took, giving you a discount of 643 USD. Tuition for Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga would be 3107 USD.

If you have paid for FOA I and/or II through DrClaudiaWelch.com, please contact us, let us know your name and which part/s you paid for through DrClaudiaWelch.com and we will provide you a coupon to use when you register.

If you’ve already taken Studies in Prāṇa though doctorblossom.com, we wholeheartedly welcome you to take it again with the live support and community that Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga includes. We’ll give you a hefty discount–just subtracting an administration fee, so you are not paying again for what you’ve already taken. Here’s info on the discounts you would receive:

You would pay Satsangam only 108 USD, giving you a discount of 650 USD. Total tuition for Embodied Ayurveda would be 3,100 USD.

If you have taken Studies in Prāṇa though doctorblossom.com, please contact us, let us know your name and that you would like the coupon provided for those that have already taken it, and we will provide you a coupon to use when you register.

Risk free 30-day money back guarantee
We want you to be completely satisfied with the Course! We know that this is a big investment of your time and money so we provide a 30-day money back guarantee to give you time to get into the coursework and to make sure that this feels like the right fit for you.
This course is eligible for PACE continuing education credits and can be applied to our partner organizations

Laws differ, not only from country to country, but often between states, provinces, or other localities. We are unable to provide information about the laws where you reside. Laws and regulations change or are updated frequently, and we are unable to keep current on that information. Each of us needs to educate ourselves about the laws that apply in our own location, and determine if and how our chosen subject or field can be practiced legally and safely there.

Just because an organization, school or online program or course may issue a diploma, certificate of completion, or a degree in a particular subject, it may not come with legal recognition. 

If you are a citizen of the United States, for example, there are currently no recognized governmental legal requirements for being an Ayurvedic practitioner or provider. However the practice, or indeed even the advertising to practice of any type of healthcare is regulated in every state no matter whether it is conventional healthcare or one of the many complementary and alternative disciplines, like Ayurveda. The regulations vary widely from state to state and penalties for illegal practice can be grave. There are only a few states where the individual practice of Ayurveda is allowed under certain conditions. Please take the time to educate yourself as to the regulations for healthcare practice in the state you intend to practice in.

While not legally recognized, one of the current standard-setting organizations in the US is the National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). They have designated and set educational requirements for three levels of Āyurvedic professionals, in order of increasing educational requirements and scope of practice: Āyurvedic Health Counselor (AHC), Āyurvedic Practitioner (AP), and Āyurvedic Doctor (AD). 

If you are a US citizen  interested in an educational path that meets NAMA’s professional requirements, it is important to first know what each level signifies. In particular, you should be aware of the difference in scope of practice for each level. It is neither practical nor effective for us to stay up to date with changing policies and requirements for NAMA.  For more information about NAMA defined professional levels, educational requirements, or requirements, please consult NAMA.

Ayurvedic Certification: What do you want & need?

Each of our online courses provides you with a Certificate of Completion, indicating the date you took the course and passed the final examination. If you are considering the study of Ayurveda, you may be thinking about what you want to do with this Ayurvedic education or certificate. For example: incorporate it into your life for personal reasons, incorporate it into a yoga practice, counsel people on lifestyle and diet issues or work towards full clinical training. Each one of these goals would be best served by varying courses of action. 

Applying our courses towards certification in one of NAMA’s Levels of Ayurveda Professionals:

No matter where you live or what your goals, our Embodied Ayurveda and Yoga online course provides a solid foundation. While it is natural to incorporate what we learn into our lives, and to want to share it with others, it is important to have sufficient knowledge, education and training– through at least the National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) “Āyurvedic Health Counselor” (AHC) level, before providing Ayurvedic health counseling to others. While our Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga course is an intensive, in-depth course on the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and Yoga, if you are interested in working clinically or offering consultations or teaching yoga, it is important to study Ayurveda and Yoga in greater depth.

If you would like to use this course, or our other classes as part of your education towards one of  NAMA’s three levels of certification, here’s how that could work:

  • If you are looking for AHC level certification, you can take our online courses and then go on to complete your requirements through an institution we’ve partnered with that not only will accept our credits as transfer credits, but that provides further education within a program that is NAMA-recognized for providing education up to at least the AHC level. If you would like a list of our partner institutions, kindly contact us. Some of those institutions are NAMA recognized. If you find a school or institution to which you would like to transfer our credits but that school is not on our list of partner institutions, you could provide them a list of objectives covered in our classes (you can find these on the landing pages for those courses on this website, and inquire from them if they would transfer our credits in. If we don’t have any partner schools for the AP or AD levels, or don’t have any you are interested in, you could check NAMA’s website for lists of schools that do offer that level of education and approach those schools to see if they would be willing to transfer in our courses. (Please check with the school you are interested in transferring into to make sure they are NAMA-recognized if that is important to you, and that they will accept the credits of the course you wish to take with us.)

NAMA PACE continuing education: If you are already a NAMACB board certified professional, you may be interested in taking courses that count towards your PACE (Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education) requirements to maintain your board certification. To see if one of our courses may qualify for PACE credits, kindly check with NAMA regarding how to determine that. Some of our courses may be more than 28 hours long but NAMA may only provide 28 PACE credits for them. This is because, at the time of this writing, for any given course in a 2-year cycle, 28 credits is the maximum amount awarded by NAMA.

It might be worth noting that many students and practitioners of Ayurveda that have previously covered the objectives taught in our Embodied Ayurveda & Yoga course have found it very useful to review or be introduced to the perspective on these objectives that this course offers. 

We are aware it can be daunting to figure out what you need to study, how you might be able to do it in a way that works for you within your local regulations, and that inspires you. You can join programs or institutions that already have all the programs, credits and classes required for NAMACB or some other board certification (we are not one of those programs) or you can choose some courses and credits from one source (like ours) and some from another (like from our partner institutions). Whichever way you choose, you are a pioneer charting a course for your life and education. Maybe it entails picking up your life and moving somewhere, or maybe you do part of it from your living room. It can be courageous and fun (and, yes, possibly sometimes tedious) to figure out what combination of online or in-person programs, which country (countries) you may want to study in and what direction appeals to you. Once you have a solid theoretical background, we highly recommend in-person clinical training under the supervision of experienced physicians of Ayurveda. Vaidyagrama, one of our partner institutions, can provide that. Just contact them if you would like to know more about that.

We wish you all success.